Chanel Urban Spirit Cruise 18

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  1. IMG_1511048750.625222.jpg I have been wanting this bag forever but I originally wanted the quilted but it was a hard one to get I ordered this one and I have it and I’m not sure about it ( this picture is from the sales person) what’s your thought on the combination ?? And mine have the same flaws this one in this picture have so the leather is pretty soft and gets a little wear to it
  2. I think it looks beautiful. I kind of want one too but just bought a coco handle... Personally I prefer chevron over the classic quilting for backpacks. If you are unsure... not really feeling it then no need to buy it. Wait for the one that makes your heart sing!
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  3. I love it! I’m patiently waiting for mine to come in.
  4. My sa has a black quilt! But it's the bigger size. I prefer the quilt with gold hw, but chevron with the dark silver hw

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  5. You made a great choice! The chevron version, in my humble opinion, looks so much nicer than the quilted version.The quilted version of the urban backpack reminds me of bubble wrap. :doh:
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  6. That bag is beautiful :loveeyes::loveeyes: I feel that the chevron pattern goes better with the backpacks as opposed to the quilts. Great choice! :tup:
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  7. Does anyone know if the US large will fit my 12” MacBook (it’s a newer model so def more lightweight)
  8. Beautiful combination, I also wanted this but sell really fast, quality wise they all will wear fast, calf or lamb. I have calf large. Even metal where the buckle is already changed color.
  9. Also is it me or caviar feels like plastic?