Chanel Urban Spirit Backpack

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  1. I really want a Chanel urban spirit back pack I have been wanting this bag forever and Everytime I have the money to pay for it it's always sold out or when I don't have it to spend on it it's in stock lol I see that they are coming out for fall act 2 have anybody seen the black and gold or the gray and gold in stock yet in any Saks Chanel Boutiques please let me know also would you purchase it in gray in gold or black and gold
  2. Mine is arriving tomorrow[emoji16] IMG_1504762910.091255.jpg
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  3. Lucky you congratulations do you mind telling me which store you ordered from and tell me how durable you think the calfskin leather is
  4. Hello- I'd love to know the price of these backpacks in both sizes - large and small ? Thanks !
  5. The large is $3700 USD & the small is $3400 USD.
  6. Thank you so much !!! Appreciate it [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️
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  7. She's GORGEOUS congrats!! Can you let me know how this bag holds up against scratches?