Chanel Urban Spirit Backpack pros and cons

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  1. hello Ladies,
    I am lately eyeing Chanel Urban Spirit size small or large, I am consider the purchase but Need your help as experts. What are some pros and cons about this bag, ex: leather wear, use, open and close, comfort on the shoulders with thin straps and if you run with it, does it flop? Thank you for your precious time.
  2. My Urban Spirit backpack has been my most used bag since I purchased it about 3 or perhaps 4 years ago. I have the large size and it allows me to take all my daily essentials easily. The leather looks perfect with the exception of the top flap as it kind of folds as you carry it, no way around this happening, it is the construction of the bag. That fold doesn’t really bother me as this is a slouchy bag. I would not really run with it as it would bounce around but it is quite comfortable on your back running (walking lol!) errands etc. My only complaint is the hardware does start to show wear, it almost looks rainbow like in the doesn’t really deter me from wanting to buy another one but I would have liked it to stay completely silver like when the bag was purchased. I do want to buy another in the next couple years, I want a camera bag first.
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  3. I have this bag in the small size in black calfskin. Its so practical for everyday and mine still looks new. The calf hasn't creased at all and the Bottom of the bag hasn't sagged but I do use a base shaper from Samorga to prevent this. It fits a really good amount - I was really surprised how much the small fits as I was thinking of getting the large. I would factor in your body shape as I am tall so I thought the large would be better but I'm on the slim side so the small worked better with my proportions. I also tried the mini and it looked far to small on me!
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  4. Thank you so much for the feedback, I appreciate the time you took to write it. And was also considering camera bag.
  5. I also am contemplating on the calfskin leather, thank you for the feedback!
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