chanel union jack?

  1. I have seen a picture of a chanel with the union jack/british flag on it. I have heard that they are coming out with more bags with other flags on them. Does anyone know what flags or when these bags are going to be in the boutiques?
  2. I've only seen the French Flag on a flap bag. I'd love to know what other flags are coming out too!!!
  3. Yeah.. saw the French flag on a flap bag on Elle or Vogue.. can't remember which magazine. But i think, a union jack Chanel would be a tad too much..
  4. i've seen the british flag in a magazine
  5. yeah i've seen the british too!
  6. i've never seen any of them=(

    does anybody have the pic pls?hehe

  7. i forgot whre i saw it, i was browsing mags, adn not ended up buying that one :p
  8. i guess there was a union jack flap in the british vogue. april. the editorial with kate moss & paper clothing.
  9. my first post in here I hope it's useful to you

  10. umm. so she's not kate - i remembered wrong.

    anyway, lovely pic, thanks for posting. :heart:
  11. it's the page after the kate moss part
  12. ^thx label addict..
    it's interesting..but i dont think i would buy it though.hehe...
  13. can some body help me to find this union jack flap chanel bag
  14. Since its not available in stores anymore, your best bet would be eBay.
  15. ^ita, Chanel could relaunch it with a jacked up price as usual too :sad: