Chanel under $500?

  1. are there any handbags that fall under that price range (other than stuff on ebay)? just wondering. i have a gift certificate to spend at the chanel boutique and i highly doubt other than wallets, there's anything that falls under that price range.
  2. if you can still (although i doubt it) get a hold of a cambon pochette or small messenger in pink or beige i'm sure you can get that for under $500.

    you should just hold onto it and save some money to put a little more into it and get something that you love...and that $500 is a good start!
  3. I saw a Cambon Pochette black w/ white CC's at Saks nyc for 795
  4. Sometimes you can pick up a cute Chanel from Neiman Marcus Last Call outlet for under $500.00, but they are usually a year or two old
  5. I don't know of any bags at the Chanel boutique at that price range. Only Shoes, wallets and sunnies.
  6. believe it or not i just purchased a chanel pink camborn bowler bag for 415.oo, if was from Saks and on sale twice, great deal. keep looking you may find one. I know once or twice a year saks and Neimans have some fashion chanel bags on sale!!!!
  7. you'll be HARD pressed to find anything other than sunnies at that price. most wallets are in the mid $600 range even.
    Maybe you could score a sale item.
  8. She asked about the Chanel Boutique. Can you use a Chanel boutique gc at saks or nm?
  9. I don't think so.
  11. Didn't think so. I guess maybe you can save up some more money to go with the gift card if you really want a purse.
  12. You could always get sunglasses?
  13. ijust got chanel sunnies for 250 if i remember, from this line, i love them, but i would suggest holding onto the card. the valentine stuff is 677-900 something so with a little saving, you could get one of those as well.
  14. You could probably get shoes for $500, but not a bag. For the shoes, you might even have to throw in a few extra dollars.
  15. you ladies are hilarious!
    just something to think about right?
    i got sunnies from last year, around the 500 mark. and i know shoes are in that price range. most likely i'll end up with shoes b/c i've never owned a pair of chanel shoes. it would certainly be the most expensive pair of shoes i've ever put on my feet though!