Chanel under $1000 help please

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  1. Hi, it's almost valentines day and I need your help. Can you guys recommend me a Chanel handbag around $1000 not more than 1200. I think my lady is looking for something black and classic since it's gonna be her first Chanel bag. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I live in San fransico too if location is in anyway important =)
  2. woc (wallet on chain) half moon in $1175
  3. Sevruga WOC is $995. It's a wallet on a chain... more like a clutch or very slim bag than a handbag. It comes in red/black/pink... I think.
    You can search the chanel thread for pictures. It's pretty classic.
  4. chocolate bar mini lambskin with a camelia on the chain. It's $1,150.00.
  5. i think this is the best for the $$ of all of these options. or maybe half moon. show us when you get it!

  6. good call- this is my vote:biggrin: I have this bag and although it is small- it is cute and a good evening bag
  7. ^I agree! Most bang for your buck!
  8. Totally forgot about this one! I'm voting for this one as well!
  9. Chocolate bar mini, what does it look like? Any pictures?
  10. Does anybody hve any pica? I tried going in google but there's thousands of different picture
  11. [​IMG]
  12. choco bar camellia mini is the best idea for a 1st w/in the budget :tup:... perfect for v-day too!
  13. does the chocolate bar mini come in other colors? TIA!