Chanel Umbrella. LOL!

  1. Hey guys, have you seen the umbrella in the F/W Pre-collection? LOL.. One night I was taking a good look at these catalogues with my hubby, and I made a joke with him, "You always lose your umbrella... You wanted an umbrella that you will never lose?! I'll buy you a Chanel umbrella!" LOL.. Then he said.. "How much was it?!" I replied, " HKD $6800 (around $800+ USD) for an umbrella." Then he was laughing out loud saying "Whoa... what an umbrella!! I won't even let that umbrella out in the rain if that's the price of my umbrella!" LOL!
  2. LOLS! hahahah funny guy lols
  3. It is too cute but too $$$$$. I can buy a third of a bag for that!!!!
  4. Lol. :lol:
  5. thats expensive for an umbrella, specially since most of them dont last that much
  6. Don't you wonder if there is some place umbrellas and the fugitive one sox go to -- like a black hole of sox-land.
  7. My goodness! I wouldn't want to get it wet either lol!
  8. There are a few on eBay right now for less than $800 lol
  9. If this is the unbrella that has the case with the chain handel I love it, but would not spend that kind of money on it.
  10. Cute as it may be, I am not in the income bracket to spend $800 on an umbrella. I wish though!
  11. I think it became expensive because of the umbrella case. LOL... Quilted Leather i think. But STILL I won't spend too much money with that kind of umbrella.. LOL! I just want to make fun of my husband since he always lose his umbrella! LOL!
  12. I got the F/W catalogues in the mail yesterday and noticed the umbrella too. Thought it was cute, until I saw the price.

    Printed canvas umbrella with vinyl pouch and interlaced leather chain $895 :rolleyes:

  13. reminds me of --
  14. Haha, an umbrella that isn't waterproof, that is hilarious! :roflmfao:
    So the only way you can use this is for showing it off or to slap someone with it.......hmmm.