Chanel Ultimate Soft

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  1. Thinking of purchasing the Ultimate Soft. The biggest concern I have is that because it is so soft that it will easily scratch. Anyone have issues with the bag?
  2. I have no problems with my medium one. However, the leather does scartch easily by long nails or sharp objects. It's truly a beautiful bag. I love mine.
  3. that is what i am afraid of...i want to get it but i would hate to spend all that money and it scratches which is why i usually stick to the caviar leather
  4. You will never enjoy your bag if you are too serious about the scratches... Stay with caviar if scratch is an issue for you.

  5. I have the medium one too and I love mine. Lambskin is going to scratch easily, if that is a huge concern I wouldn't suggest getting it then.
  6. Does anyone have mod pics of the medium sized one? I could only find mod pics of the larger one.. I've searched and searched everywhere! Thanks!!!