Chanel Ultimate Soft Leather

  1. Browsing on The Purse Blog, I FINALLY found the bag I want in black. I have a black chloe paddington thats too heavy for me to use daily. Now I've got my SA's locating this bag. I know there's a new bag called the Sambero (sp?). The leather texture is different and the PRICE by $1G. I guess it wasn't meant to be :crybaby:but MAYBE a miracle can happen... sighing*** i'm just drooling over the softness of this leather :drool:

  2. Good luck, I hope your SA locates it. It is very pretty!
  3. The lambskin on the Ultimate Soft/Sombrero is ridiculously beautiful. I have seen these come up on eBay for less than $1K, btw. If you'd feel comfortable with that, you might want to keep an eye out! I know the Sombrero is priced at $2450, I think?
    Good Luck!
  4. Aww cudaswifey, i hope you get this bag soon! this bag has been coveted by many the past few mos. Chanel just doesn't launch enough of them per season. i love mine to bits! :smile:
  5. Don't worry cudaswifey, be patient and you'll have the bag in no time! it's funny that when we stop looking for something, it appears.
  6. Good luck! I hope they find it 4 you!
  7. I love that bag:drool:
  8. Good luck with your search! I love that bag too!
  9. i just bought one recently and it was a eturn but in perfect, let your SA know that you're looking for one, even though it's sold out now, if there's a return they will call you...good luck.
  10. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!! I was on the list for a black Sombrero and got "The Call" this past week. Went yesterday to take a peek and I don't like the black woven texture, it looks very harsh. The old Ultimate Soft is so much prettier IMHO! Keep us posted, I'm hoping you'll get "The Call" soon!!! :yes:
  11. Wow that is a pretty bag, I hope you find it!
  12. Very pretty- hope they find one for you.
  13. Does anybody know the code number for the ultimate soft??
  14. I just saw this bag in an orange/red color at the Bloomie's in Manhattan last week. You might want to check it out. It did look gorgeous:tender:...if only I had some spare $.

    but there were 2 women fighting for on the phone w/the SA and one in the store saying she wanted it if the other lady on the phone didn't. :wacko:
  15. Oh my... u r soo right! i gave up after a couple of SA's said they couldnt get it BUT this morning... my SA, Susan from Saks called and said she located this bag for me!!! :wlae::wlae::wlae: yea yea baby!