Chanel Ultimate Soft Leather

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  1. Browsing on The Purse Blog, I FINALLY found the bag I want in black. I have a black chloe paddington thats too heavy for me to use daily. Now I've got my SA's locating this bag. I know there's a new bag called the Sambero (sp?). The leather texture is different and the PRICE by $1G. I guess it wasn't meant to be :crybaby:but MAYBE a miracle can happen... sighing*** i'm just drooling over the softness of this leather :drool:

  2. U should post about this in the Chanel forum....
  3. how come?
  4. I checked out the Sombrero and yes the leather is soft (and woven), but I didn't like it because the strap is too short to fit on your shoulder. If you find the ultimate soft anywhere, would you let me know? Thanks!