Chanel Ultimate Mini WOC

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  1. What are your thoughts on this bag? Do any of you own one? Thx!

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  2. More photos ....

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  3. I like it for travelling but the shoulder strap is to short for wearing it crossbody!:cool:
  4. I've seen it at the shop yesterday. It's very cute on the front but I'm not sure about the back. Very small but cute.
  5. I'm not crazy about the back of the bag, but the front looks really cute
  6. I had this and returned it. I love it but the chain is very thin (Iassume its the same for a WOC) but due to the bag being front heavy with the mini flap that can hold more than the wallet on the back, the entire bag pulls and hurts when worn cross body.

    Yes- it can be worn cross body.

    With the front being too heavy when loaded it did not feel right when carrying or hang right cross body or worn shoulder wise. I was sad because I loved this bag but it was not for me.

    Oh also- someone had this on tpf and posted that it broke twice when she had it. The chain kept bending and breaking off the link where it was attached to the flap. Just another tid bit of info.
  7. I tried this bag on last year and passed. It is really cute, but really tiny, and hits in an awkward place when worn cross-body. WOC is better IMO.
  8. It's cute. How much is it?
  9. Cute but it looks so small
  10. I found it on eBay .... I love the color, purple patent.... But for a lil more $ I should get a mini. Though I don't think I'll be seeing a purple patent mini any time soon. I was really close to buying it, but now I think I'm going to pass. Thanks girls for the great advice! :smile:
  11. I saw this in Saks once, but didn't like to much. I personally prefer mini more.
  12. Saw it in the Chanel Store today... Love it from the front but don't like it so much on the back...
    I looked @ it but than I like my WOC more...;)
  13. i saw this, too, but passed. too small!
  14. So cute, but it will be too small for me. I prefer mini.. :smile:
  15. Interesting...I wonder what it looks like on the inside :thinking: