Chanel UK Sales

  1. Ok guys the Chanel boutique sales have started. I was in Bond Street today and they had a lot more leather bags on sale than Selfridges. I saw

    Large Perforated blue flap bag for £518, this is not the classic style more similar to the diamond stitch flap style (PS I loved this so I bought one but there was more in the cupboard)

    Large Perforated blue bowling bag for £395 in calfskin

    Medium Canvas quilted bowling bag in blue with CC's on the front.

    Beige lambskin small quilted tote with a pocket at the front with silver MM closure and chain handles for around £600

    Small red leather shoulder bag with red chain detail and MM lock for around £475

    Medium sized RED and BLACK goatskin shoulder bags with bright silver MM locks and classic chain handles. These were around £525.

    Small white and also pink stitched quilted lamskin bags with a leather tote style handle.

    Some small black credit card holders.

    Beige tote from souple line

    Patterned canvas flap bags in various styles

    Chanel belts with charms in 3 styles.

    Not too many shoes unfortunately, unless you have very small feet.

    Sorry I couldn't get the prices for everything, but I was trying to peek in their cupboards everytime they were opened and checking out what other customers bought.

    Any other Chanel sales stocks in the other boutiques, please post.

    BTW they had the new season Pocket in the city bags on display in black and brown and also the jumbo MM lock bags in black and white distressed caviar.
  2. thanks soo much for the detailed info, my sister was there today and told me they had nothing! Maybe I need to pop down tomorrow and see for myself.
  3. Good luck cammy, they had more in the cupboards than out on display in the sales section. Please update us when you get back. I'm going to post a thread on my Chanel sales finds in the main forum.
  4. I was just there today and I didn't see many bags on sale. :crybaby: Syma, please post pics of the bag you bought! ;)
  5. Just checked out the harrods sale (while they had marked goods for tommorow) and there was similar stock to Bond Street see above. The perforated line? minus the flaps in blue and one small black bowler. A red and black tote with CC's on the front. A few bracelets, one necklace. Lots of RTW including Cardigans and Jackets but very pricey even in the sale. The shoe concession mainly had huge wedges and slides, gold ballerina's with plastic sides. Please post on sales finds in the forum.