Chanel Tweed me find one!

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  1. I saw this beautiful Chanel tweed scarf at NYC's Bloomingdale's and told myself to come back. About a week later, it was already sold out! The sales associate said they had already received 2nd shipment and it was all gone. They won't be getting anymore. The scarves come in burgundy and cream color and it's 90% cashmere and has fringes on the bottom. The price is about $590. The Chanel boutique on 57th St. does not carry it. Can anyone help me find the elusive scarf? Perhaps other Bloomingdale's store? Hirshleifers in Long Island is sold out as well. Thank you so much!!
  2. Sorry, I can't help you. Just wanted to say that I love to see a picture of it
  3. It DOES sound beautiful! If anyone has a picture, please post it.
  4. my BH Saks SA told me there were a few hats and scarves at the store...i would give them a call. good luck--i know hats always fly out every season.
  5. At the Tysons Corner boutique there was a scarf -- think it was either black or dark, dark gray. There was a CC on it. You might try also the Las Vegas boutique (the Bellagio); they seem to be well stocked. Good luck in your hunt!