Chanel tweed jackets

  1. I don't care that tweed is "so three years ago," I think the Chanel jackets are so classic and beautiful. It'll take me forever and a day to save for them, but I would like any information I can get. Styles, general prices, and and pictures of yours' if you've got them are greatly appreciated! :smile:
  2. I've been persistent about looking in women's consignment stores for a boucle Chanel jacket. I don't exactly know how much they retail for new, but at the consignment shops, I've seen them for around $600. But it's a crapshoot. Ones that fit, I don't like the style and the ones that I like are the wrong size. Eventually, I'll get one, I hope.
  3. OMG, who’s saying that tweed is 3 years ago…if so, as usual I’m on a trend when it’s out of fashion, LOL.

    I think the cardigan-esque ones are more classic, less formal and more importantly cheaper:yahoo: : the collared ones look better paired as full-blown 2+ piece suit for your invitation to Paris Haute Couture but I can’t take it and a plain skirt is enough for me. It also goes brilliantly with jeans but I don't wear jeans. But don’t like this season's military style nor the contrasting (e.g. lime yellow with red) ones; I have a S/S06 black jacket with detachable frill on the wrist and a heavier S/S05 white one. Both have subtle sparkly bits in the thread (the killer bit:heart:, copies don’t have this).

    The black one is £2,035 (~$3,750) and the heavier white one is £2,685 (~$5,000) but most of them are around £24-2500. I think every lady in this forum can easily get one if you think of it this way: the black one is 2 and a bit Paddingtons or 4 and a bit Epi 30cm Speedys or less than 2/3 of a Birkin and it's a better head-turner than any bag!

    I don't like the way they do the pricing/selling; the detachable wrist frill costs an extra £280 and the flower in whatever material, you also have to buy separately even though it’s shown on the rack attached to the jacket!

    I’ll post pics later when I have them on hand. But as hors d’oeuvre, the white one looks something like this. N.B. the pic is S/S05 Haute version, except mine is way inferior, obvious differences being white, '2nd grade' rather than pink '1st grade' braiding on the wrist, no pink silk round the collar down to hem and my sleeves are not as gracefully tapered.


    P.S. Out of curiosity, I asked about the Haute version during the appointment earlier this year, they said: Madame, moins de cinquante [mille euros] seulement :wtf: for the dress inside, pink inner layer and the outer jacket so definitely it'll also take forever and a day for me as well :lol:. More importantly the time they can get it done for you depends on this braid lady who is a farmer and she only does the braid when she feels like it!
  4. in my book chanel tweed is always chic always appropiate and a timeless staple (pretty much like a little black dress)
    i would suggest to invest in a black or white one with contrast piping
  5. I definitely agree that tweed will never be 'out'. It's only that it was very faddish three years ago. But it was 'in' before that, and it will continue to have its niche. I love it, myself!
  6. I agree with lilach who has wonderful taste. I LOVE the more subtle Chanel tweeds. :wlae:
  7. Tweed is a classic and only gets 'hot' again every few years or so with other designers. Chanel tweed is ALWAYS in style.
  8. Bee bee...I agree, I prefer the collarless cardigan styles as I think it's more young/fresh looking. And bonus for being cheaper!! I would love a black one with an unfinished hem, similar to the one Vanessa wears in the Cambon ads. Thanks for all the information! LOL at "More importantly the time they can get it done for you depends on this braid lady who is a farmer and she only does the braid when she feels like it!" Interesting!
  9. I think Chanel tweed is timeless...

    Problem is I seriously can not afford it right now- but at some point, when I can, i def will buy!
  10. Love Chanel tweed ... always wanted to be an ingenue decked out in Chanel. One day I will wear Chanel couture! :love:
  11. Although i have several pieces of Chanel tweed jackets, and i love the quality and details of those jackets, i usually don't wear them. My bf always thinks that it looks weird on me and he said they are for much older women, so i guess i will have to just let them hang them until i am old enough...:shrugs:
  12. these jackets are a great investment and soo well made. i wear mine with jeans :smile:
  13. If you want a tweed jacket, get it. Don't worry about what someone else says. Especially fashion editors. They may say something is hot, but you are the one that makes it hot, not them.
  14. my mother has the black plain one and i sometimes borrow it!IMO it's ageless!
  15. pls share your chanel tweed jacket pictures.. especially the collarless ones that are so sweet and ladylike