Chanel Tweed Jackets

  1. i haven't seen a thread dedicated to the Chanel Jacket. I have seen shoes and accessories, but not the most recognized jacket in the world. I hope it is alright to post it here. There is not much on the internet about them. I don't trust eBay. I am ready to buy one but do not have a boutique in my area. I don't even have a Neimans or Saks where I live. For all of you Chanel handbag fans has anyone actually bought a jacket? Can anyone provide info about the jackets such as price and what is available each season. Pics would also be good. I want to get a black tweed jacket, but do not want to spend more than $5500.
  2. Do want a coat or just the jacket half of a suit? For $5500 you will be good to go definitely.
  3. There is a chanel RTW thread in the reference library but not many postings on it I'm afraid. It is probably better to buy the Chanel jackets when they go on sale which they do every season. I've seen plenty of Tweed jackets in black at 40% off in the recent sales.
  4. i just bought a tweed long coat from cruise 07 sale.. i agree with syma, if you care about saving ~$1K, it's a good idea to wait until sale time which they have every season. i got mine 40% off. alterations, however are complimentary if you buy them full price which are around $100 depending the changes.

    i've seen the f/w 07 RTW and it's gorgeous, lots of jackets and coats. long coats are > $5000 before tax. short coats i saw around $3000-$4500 range. this season, they focus on using metallic tweeds embedded in the black.. so lovely! i surely cannot afford it full price. the dresses are lovely but too mature