Chanel tweed jacket or Moujik bag??!!which should I get?

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  1. Dear TPFers,I need your insights please!!:cloud9:
    I was planning to get the moujik bag (with the gold-metallic base one, not the black metallic one) long time ago,finally got time to check out Chanel and was determined to bring it home.Then~~ here comes the dilemma. A white tweed jacket caught my eye instantly and it was 30% off!!! I tried it on and really in love with it!!!!(it was a 38 and I need a 36 or 34, they don't carry 34 so might have to alter it) But my budget only allows me to get either the jacket or the bag......what should I do? get the bag or the jacket? I already have four Chanel bags so I keep telling my self that maybe it's a good idea to get the tweed jacket since I have none. But my mom told me I should invest on bags......what would you do????? please help.....
  2. I would get the jacket as the Moujik bag does not speak to me at all. Also, you already have 4 bags. Get the one you love more....
    A Chanel jacket is on my "wanted" list and I believe they are classics as well.

    Like I said, get the one you love more!
  3. i would go for the jacket..such classic piece...the bag is seasonal
  4. OK really hard call coz they are 2 totally different things.

    Would you wear the jacket? How many times? Would you love it forever?

    Are you considering the bag because the $$$$ is burning a hole in your pocket?

    Did your little heart stop for a beat when you saw the bag?

    It sounds to me like the jacket stole your heart but your head is saying 'better off with a bag'

    Is it passing infatuation or the beginning of a beautiful romance? Don't forget the time/$$ extra for the dry cleaning and alterations.

    I have 2 Chanel jackets and a suit. I love them and I'm never getting rid of them. That's all I'm saying

    good luck with your decision - very tricky one.
  5. Thank you all for the input!!!!!!
    My heart stopped a bit when I saw the craftsmanship of the jacket!!! I was like "she is coming home with me~~" (I guess it's from the cruise collection, silk and chains were sawed around the handcuffs, and the buttoms were gold color, the design was qhite complicated.)
    But then when I stop to think, "how about its practicality? would I wear if often? since LA is hot most of the time....when do I wear it?:thinking: definitely I will wear the bag more often than the jacket!!" but like some of you said, this bag is seasonal and I might love it less in three or four years? however,I know for sure I will love the jacket forever!!!.......
    I should have taken a picture of the jacket for your reference....
  6. I vote for the jacket. I live in So Cal as well and own three CHANEL jackets and I wear them casually with jeans. You will find that if you make a concious effort you can get a lot of use out of your jacket.
  7. I vote for the jacket too as it stopped your heartbeat. It's a classic. You can wear if for many many years even though you may only wear it a few times a year only. After all, the moujik is not very appealing. You may get tired of it after a few months.
  8. I vote for the jacket:smile:
  9. another vote for the jacket
  10. Get the jacket. I feel like a queen when I just look at mine and even more so when wearing them. I had to have the upper arms altered on one and it cost me $50. Big deal. Unless you get it dirty, you only have to clean it every few wears, the less dry cleaning, :lol::love::tup: the better they say for the length of durability of the jacket.
  11. I love Chanel Jackets too but I use them very sparingly compared to the bags I own. Moreover, I hate to leave them with the Dry Cleaners and am unwilling to pack them as check-in luggage whenever I travel to cooler climates, I am always paranoid that something might go wrong! :sweatdrop:
    Having said that, Chanel Jackets are for keeps and they are meant to last for a long time.
  12. jacket!!!!
  13. I vote for the jacket and then the moujik bag, he:lol: he am I of help?
  14. I've recently switched from hoarding bags to rtw. Chanel tweed are TDF!!!
  15. My vote is for the jacket as well since you already have 4 bags.
    But it's up to you, go for the one that makes your heart sing ;)