Chanel Tweed Hat

  1. Hey all- can anyone please help me locate an authentic, new or slightly used chanel tweed hat from a couple seasons ago- the ones anne hathaway wore in devil wears prada. im obsessed with them. im willing to pay the original price. i dont have paypal but i can pay with a money order or check. i dont trust eBay but i definitely trust my fellow PF'ers. Thanks!
  2. You're right, you should never ever trust this seller, read this thread please:
  3. thanks for the warning, beautylicious !
  4. You're welcome and best of luck on finding your tweed hat!
  5. Hello lisadoodle, I don´t know if you are still looking for Chanel cap but I have one. Go to see it in It is lokated in Helsinki Finland and I have receipt of it. It is bought in Helsinki in Della Marga witch is the only authoriced shop selling Chanel in Finland last year for 765 € about $960. You can see my eBay fb

    If you are still interested about a Chanel tweed cap please send me a email and I will send you more photos of the cap and a photo of receipt.

    All the best,