Chanel Tweed Handbag? Chanel Valentines Day Bag?

  1. :confused1:1. Does anyone know if the Chanel Classic Flap Tweed handbags went on sale? :sweatdrop:or if they ever go on sale? :sweatdrop:Where could I find a deal on a classic flap Tweed bag?

    :confused1:2. Does anyone have pictures of what Chanel we release for Valentine's:heart::love: day Handbag?
  2. 1. Chanel does mark down prices on tweed bags. However, if you are looking for tweed flap bags, then I think Chanel has not actually been putting a lot of those out for the past few seasons. I don't know where you can find them but I think eBay does have one or two now and then. But there are also fakes so watch out.

    2. Can't help on this one....sorry.
  3. Jenna ,kalimera hehe! (Glad to see another Greek in TPF!:smile:)I know for sure that Chanel bs in continental Europe mark down prices on the tweed bags while they don't usually have discounts for the leather bags.I think you have a better chance in NY C/bs though.(their address are at,click on Store Locator) .
    Also there should be stores like NM and Saks there which have a Chanel department(there's a bar on top
    of the page where you can find their addresses etc,and many threads about sales in the Chanel Shopping subforum):yes:
    I don't know anything about the 2008 Valentine bag yet !
  4. Im waiting for the 2008 Valentine too, wonder when they are released?
  5. I hate to be the bearer of sad news but it's not an given Chanel will produce a special purse for Valentine's Day. They didn't last year and I haven't asked or heard about any offering for this year. Has anyone asked their fave SA re an '08 Valentine?
  6. I was so sad when they didn't release one last year!! My SA wasn't sure last time I asked her (this was a month or two ago) but I'll ask her when I talk to her next and report back

    I do have a pic of a valentine bag from 2 years ago if you want to see that
  7. Oh that's so sad that Chanel doesn't every year release a Valentine's Bag, I hope they will this year.