Chanel Tweed Bags

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to get some opinions on Chanel Tweed Bags. Chanel always has a tweed bag of sort every season and I've been thinking about adding a tweed bag to my collection. Is tweed always in? Is it a classic staple? Your thoughts?
  2. I am also wondering about this and what the wear is
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  3. I love them and think they are very classic. I will add one to my collection when I find the right combo. The sparkly tweeds coming for Spring look just insanely beautiful.
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  4. I notice that there are different varieties and textures to the tweed. Some are like jersey material. Some are like wool. All are expensive as if it were a caviar or lambskin flap, if not more. I just wonder if they hold up well. Even buying them pre loved is costly.
  5. I just picked up a tweed coco handle and would also like to know about wear/tear. I am aware that snagging is an issue but I think that depends on the tweed. My SA said that Chanel does not repeat tweed patterns; so if you see something you like, color combo/pattern, then you should get it.
  6. my humble opinion Chanel tweed is always in & a classic....attached is my 1 & only tweed was my Holy Grail dream bag that the loveliest @Vanana also has. I tend to wear mine mainly in fall/winter due to the colors but i think tweed is appropriate year round. I find mine easy to pair up with lots of clothing ensembles because of all the colors in tweed. Mine was purchased Nov 2016 & still in perfect condition. Best of luck if you decide to purchase!:drinks:
  7. Gorgeous Tweed!! :love::love: You've got yourself one of a kind here Kendie, I love it! :heart::heart::loveeyes: You've inspired me to keep an eye out for one now... :girlsigh:
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  8. Congratulations on your new bag :heart: I’m just waiting for a tweed i fall in luv with, until then will have to make do with my tweed sneakers :smile:
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  9. I think Chanel tweed is classic. I only own one Chanel tweed bag. It is a jumbo reissue boucle tweed messenger flap that I often use as a laptop/work bag. It is in a vibrant green and black tweed. Very eye catching and always pulls many compliments. I got her in 2009/2010 and she still looks great. If you love Chanel and have many bags already, I think adding a tweed to your collection is a great idea!
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  10. Thank you kindly Bagventures & yay you....def worth keeping a lookout for tweed!:yes::tup::drinks:
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  11. Oh my gosh @Kendie26 your tweed reissue is something else! Absolutely glorious.

    Chanel tweed is just as classic as a aged calfskin reissue or a caviar classic flap. It is quintessential Chanel as far as I’m concerned.
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  12. Have the same tweed bag posted by kendie and must say that it gets lots of attention each time I wear it and it’s something that you don’t see everyday, I love that at any given room, including one that may be full of Hermes and chanels, my brown tweed bag is still likely the only one. The trick for me is finding the right one with the right color and texture that is versatile to wear. This brown one has the right combo of colors that are complimentary but gives interest, love the bronze chain ALOT and I love the warm texture to my bag like a warm sweater due to how it’s weaved, because it’s not as neat as some others (though I want a beat one too when the right one shows up). Highly recommend adding one that you find right for you :smile:
  13. Thanks kindly Law!! It is 1 of my all time very VERY favorites ever;):flowers:
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  14. Thank you ladies. I contacted 3 Chanel stores and associates and was not crazy for any of the tweed being offered this season nor did they have anything from previous season that caught my eye. i did pull the trigger on a beautiful bag from the cruise collection 2016. I fell in love with the colors. Introducing my first pre loved Chanel. s-l1600 (1).jpg s-l1600.jpg
  15. :love::tup::yahoo:Colors are FAB!!! I love it....biggest Congrats Roe & I hope you love using this beauty:drinks:
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