Chanel tweed bags

  1. I love the look of the tweed bags but was wondering if they are as durable as leather? Also, I am about 4 hours away from the nearest Chanel so does anyone know the approximate price? :amuse:
  2. I don't know the price, but leather will be more durable than fabric.
  3. Thank you :biggrin: I am hoping to be able to go check them out in person this weekend if the weather doesn't get too bad.
  4. They run around 900 to 1700 depend on what style you looking for.
  5. Wow those are really pretty! That was my concern too, I guess I'd just have to be careful. They are just so pretty. Loved the green one on the Chanel website under Christmas accessories. :love:
  6. If I'm not wrong. The green one is around 1570.00