chanel tutorial..?

  1. Hi!

    I'm new to chanel, and i'm trying to figure out the name of my favorite style...and price.

    i like the classic quilted chanel flap with the double ccs and the double chain... what is that called? what are the different sizes it comes in and how much do they cost? (i'm confused with their numbering system, 2.55, 2.65, s/m/l, east-west... :sos:)

    Also, judging from alot of the pics... these bags don't fit alot of they? what can you fit in the largest size?

    thanks alot!!
  2. it's the classic flap. i have the medium/large size and it holds my sidekick, my keys, a credit card holder and maybe a compact. the jumbo size is too bulky looking for me and the east-west is smaller than the medium/large
  3. Yep, you're talking about the classic flap bag. When I use my jumbo classic flap bag and I can fit 2 sets of keys with pepperspray and large keychains, my chanel wallet, chanel sunglasses, my sidekick III, my sidekick charger, and my ipod, and my LV medium agenda. That's what I usually carry on that.

    When I use my medium classic flap bag, I can only have my chanel wallet, my 2 keys, and my sidekick III. Hope this helps!

    The prices vary depending on whether you are looking at caviar or lambskin. For prices on caviar, you can probably look back on this forum for the threads I made when I bought them. I listed the price on those threads.
  4. I have a large and it doesn't fit as much as most of my other bags, but it holds the essentials.
  5. great...thank you so much for you help.

    any idea how much the large & jumbo sizes cost? I would be interested in caviar leather..
  6. large is the same as medium is it not? least that is what i am told...and in caviar it is $1595
    jumbo is a couple or few hundred more? someone else can verify this.
  7. jumbo is around 1795
  8. what are the dimensions of the classic flap in small,medium,large, and jumbo? and is large same as the medium?