Chanel turnlock not centre- would you accept this?

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What would you do?

  1. Keep it- you are crazy! Can't see what's wrong!

    19 vote(s)
  2. It is completely off centre- exchange it!!!

    11 vote(s)
  1. Hi everyone, I have been lusting after a small classic flap over the past one and a half years and finally had the chance to purchase one this week. I was so excited and did inspect the flap in store, but unfortunately did not notice that the turnlock was not in the centre of the quilt. The rest of the bag does look good although the caviar is not as shiny as I had hoped- I did mention this to the SA but he said all the caviar now is like this so I just accepted it. My family all think I am crazy as they don't see the problem, but now that I have seen it, I feel that I can't 'unsee' it and it's all I am thinking about!

    I bought this from a standalone boutique in London so I think they will not accept refund only exchange. It will be a 2.5 hours journey one way to get there and I am worried that even if they do exchange it there will just be another fault with the new one.

    So ladies, please tell me, would you accept this and I am just crazy picky, or would you exchange this?

    On a side note, it is series 28 so does that mean it's been around for a while? The SA said he only received it 'yesterday' though I think it's just a lie. Chanel bag 1.jpg Chanel turnlock 1.jpg
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  2. Exchange it.
    Firstly, it's noticeably off-center.
    Secondly, the point of paying big money for luxury items is to have them bring you joy. That clearly didn't happen with this CF.
  3. I agree, exchange it! The 2.5 hours will be worth it for a bag that makes you happy!
  4. For me that is not a dealbreaker, personally, because even tho the base mechanism on the quilt is a little bit off centre, once the bag is closed it looks totally fine- the CC are straight and that’s really what matters
  5. kind of going through a similar dilemma, but what's strange here is once it's locked the CC logo doesn't look off center?

    I wonder if they just had to compensate putting that piece off center so the top flap could close straight.
  6. keep it. The biggest lesson I have learnt from buying from Chanel over the years is that there is no such thing as a perfect flap. You might make the long journey and the others in stock have even worse defects. My new flap has several issues but you have to tell yourself that if you didn’t notice the issue in the store, it can’t be that glaringly obvious, therefore not that bad. To be perfectly honest, the issue you mention is very minor and not immediately noticeable. I would keep it for sure.
  7. Agreed! I'm picky with alignment but in this case I'd let it slide.
  8. Beautiful bag! I think if that’s the only “issue” I would keep it. Most bags are going to have a small flaw if we search hard enough. It’s the more noticeable ones on the exterior that are more bothersome IMO like fraying straps, dents etc.

    But it’s your bag and you have to be happy!
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  9. Off-centre. Doesn’t reflect the quality and workmanship that Chanel is known for. If someone was authenticating the bag and saw that it was off the center, they’d be shocked if you told them you got it at the boutique and provided all the evidence of the same!
    It doesn’t spark joy if it makes you question enough to post.
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  10. I don't find what the OP is experiencing as shocking for a boutique bag. These bags aren't always perfect. It's just a matter of what she feels she can live with. :smile:
  11. If it takes the joy away, I’d swap it out. You have to love your bag.
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  12. Also, the leather on this flap is gorgeous. Perfect leather is hard to come by
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  13. Exchange it. If you keep it it’s all you’ll focus on.
  14. This wouldn’t bother me if everything else was perfect. But I returned a bag for this thread in a not very obvious place.. So only you can decide what’s a dealbreaker for you.