Chanel trunkshow at NM Tysons Corner, VA did anyone go?

  1. Just wondering if anyone went to the trunkshow today...its today 10-4 and tomorrow saturday from 10-4

    I was able to meet up with a fellow TPFers "catabie", it was very low key and calm, no real mad rush or anything...

    Saw some very cute pieces, glad to finally see the red patent (clutches) in real life...they looked soooo hot and the navy metallic was TDF...purple metallic was gorgeous!!!

    great pieces for Chanel RTW too!!!

    Picked up a cute cardigan with all these brooches and pins:heart:...and tried on the pink dress too which is loved it so Im just waiting for that to come in now :love:

    Cant seem to find a pic of the cardigan but its really gorgeous--comes in light blue and also grey and theres lots of little pins/charms and embroidery patches with chanel perfune, camelias...all very whimsical...and the pins can be detached and worn elsewhere too!!!

    Will try to take pics later:angel:
  2. I was able to pop in for a bit. I had to go into DC via the GW parkway which always frays my nerves, so my treat was going over to NM.

    Now, I :heart: purple. I decorated my last 2 apartments with some purple, my wedding colors were purple and my daughter's room has a lavender wall and curtains. Purple and me are bff :drinkup:. I was really looking forward to the purple metallic. It was pretty and it had a cool way of reflecting the light so it looked darker or lighter purple depending on how it hit the light. That being said, I was not blown away and to spend $2695 I have to be blown away.

    There were some nice pieces and I agree the patent clutches were very cool in the red and in the navy. The navy metallic flap was also nice. Nothing that I have to have, however. I am kind of bummed as I was hoping to really love the purple reissue, but I will either proceed with my plans to get a black e-w flap and a white timeless clutch, or I will wait for the summer sales and maybe get some of the Chanel pieces I have liked, but not enought to pay full price.

    In an aside, my MN SA said she had been trying to reach me about a Chanel makeup clutch I had wanted her to try to find for me in December. She said she had left 2 messages and had finally put it back out to sell after the 2nd markdown. The times I had been in NM in December she was not there and I did not call her back as I figured that meant she had not found it. She said she had left a message with a, DH had gotten the messages and had not passed them on to me. :crybaby:. Either the NM or the Chanel must have given him the willies.
  3. OMG!!!

    I am gonna go tomorrow hopefully :smile: yay im so excitedd :biggrin: