Chanel trunk shows in the DC/MD/VA area?

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  1. Does anyone know when Saks will be having their trunkshow in the Chevy Chase MD store?

    Also any idea when the Chanel boutique at Tysons will be having theirs?

    Just got back from my 3 week LA trip and trying to catch up and see if I can still make all the trunk shows

    (I know NM Tysons Galleria is having theirs Jan 23rd/Friday next week)
  2. I just called the tyson boutique and was told they are not having a trunk show this spring. Weird huh??? :confused1: She said they did have their lookbook for spring and have already started getting in merchandise.

    The NM trunk show as you know is the 23rd. Haven't heard anything about the Saks.
  3. Oh Saks is having their trunkshow at Chevy Chase, MD Feb 12th, Thursday!

    Is anyone else planning on going?

    I'm going to be there, would be awesome to run into some of the other TPFers there too!
  4. I am planning on being there.Dont know what time...
  5. if I worked closer to there I would...I'm way out in Ashburn