Chanel Trunk Show

  1. Hi all... forgive me for this question but what occurs at a trunk show? I've never been to one and have the chance to go to a Chanel one. What happens there?
  2. There's usually some refreshments and a Chanel rep straight from teh CO there to tell you about the bags and answer any questions.
    The ones I've been to have been fairly casual, even the Chanel ones.
    Most of the upcoming bags are on display for you to try on and if you want you can get on the waitlist for any you like.
    They're a lot of fun and have been completely non-pretentious when I've been!
  3. Great!:P How do you know when there's one and do you have to get invited by your SA...?:shrugs: :flowers:
  4. You can call and ask when the next one is.
    It's not usually Invite Only, just that if you always work w/ teh same SA they can let you know one's coming up.
  5. i just got back from the Chanel trunk show at Hirshleifer's at Americana Manhasset... the store is the closest Chanel retailer other than the NYC ones.

    It was awesome. Saw all the new jumbo flaps in patent blue, black, fuschia. lots of MC. saw a diagonal CC tote, it's much bigger than i imagined. all i know as i looked at the new bags is that big is in for cruise, and s/s 07. saw ritzes in patent i think (it was shiny) - beautifully big - and the coco cabas in black, white and khaki. there was also a longer version of the lux ligne tote with the double CCs in khaki/bronze. i kept my focus on the baby cabas though b/c it's simply what i've been looking for when i'm running around with my children and need to throw stuff into a bag. i have to say, i had to keep from drooling at all the new bags!

    i preordered my baby cabas in khaki (which really is a bronze). crossing my fingers it will be here soon... i'm so busy with my three children that i'm hoping i forget about the wait!!
  6. Another great way to find out about trunk shows is to go to If you look under their store locator, each store has a calendar of info outlining what's coming up for the next week or two.
  7. Yeah trunk shows are great... I always leave with a knot in the stomach... So many bags I want and NO MONEY !!!! I ususally order a bag and by the time it comes out I have seen something else and bought it... Lol
    They are fun. I usually get my invite in the mail from my SA
  8. the chanel rep said that they've been pretty good about getting this season's preordered stuff out quickly... she recommended chanel's shipping over other companies. i wonder ADDISONSHOPPER about the timing now. this is my first preorder, but you mentioned something about the timing and finding something else in the meantime. how long does it usually take? the chanel rep said a few weeks. do you think that's accurate? now i'm nervous about waiting a looooong time, like months!
  9. sounds like you had fun, congrats!
  10. Glad you had fun!!!:choochoo:
  11. I am jealous! All the good new bags are hardly ever in the stores to look at.
  12. So funny... and so true!
  13. i know, which is why i pre-ordered. the SA i spoke to said the first Coco Cabas (the really big ones) sold out before they even hit the shelves. so that's why i couldn't risk losing out this time, especially since the size is right! but i can't be doing this all the time!
  14. Sounds like fun. I want to go to one now.
  15. Trunk shows are fun!!