Chanel Trunk Show Scottsdale NM this Monday and Tuesday!

  1. Attention AZ girls! The Chanel Trunk Show at Neiman Marcus Scottsdale is this Monday and Tuesday.

    The Chanel Rep will be there on Monday only. Orders/ Reservations can be placed for the new Spring bags then also. (and Tuesday)

    Just an FYI if you didnt know....
  2. Hey Roey - where are you?? Sounds like you got down there just in time!!
  3. I just made the very last payment on my NM card AND cleared my Saks card! I have the Cotton Club tote on order with Nordstrom which is my "last hurrah" bag until I find a full-time job. There is plenty of p/t fitness work here in AZ (Chandler) but f/t with benefits is difficult to secure.

    A trunk show right now would be deadly to my credit cards. Gotta be good, at least for a season or two!! I was in Saks in Phoenix about a week ago and ran smack into their Chanel trunk show! Luckily the only bag I really felt I needed to have was the CC tote.

    Donna, enjoy and let us know what you see/like!
  4. As I am living in Europe, I have never heard of a trunk show untill now.
    Can someone please explain to me what a trunk show is? Thanks :smile:
  5. oooh, do you know what time???
  6. Its at 10AM - 4 pm!
  7. Never went to any of the Nemans Trunk shows, do you need to have a Neiman's card?