chanel trunk show in SB with PIX of new bag!!!

  1. so i went to the trunk show today in santa barbara!!! i was only able to get two pictures of the one bag that i'm super interested in, but there was the purple metallic 225 and navy metallic 228 and some other bags like the classic bags in new colors (off white, pink, navy) anyway here is the picture of the bag i'm ordering, but in BLACK (always a classic =]) you can order the bags from Saks santa barbara from Chris Meyer at 805884-5257 :tup:


  2. oh by the way, this is the same bag that was in the "eye candies s/s 08" thread except the bags in those pictures were the pink and white ones (it appeared like patent leather but all the colors (pink, yellow, black, white) are all soft "the new" lambskin, it feels durable but still very soft =]
  3. yummy! how much?
  4. there are three sizes, this one is the medium for $2750, the small is i think around $2450 and the large is $3450...i know quite pricy =[
  5. This bag is gorgeous! Yeah, the price is a little too high....
  6. congratulations! ~ that is one gorgeous chanel! :love:
  7. I love it, congrats!!!!! I wanna see the pink, anyone have the pics of the pink? and what is the name of this bag?
  8. this is really cool looking!
  9. yeah that's a little pricey for me....but what an AMAZING bag!:nuts:
  10. I love this one. I guess that chain can be worn messenger style. It looks like a nice long chain.
  11. here is a picture of the pink in the small size, i think the name is just timeless classic new flap (its going to be part of the timeless classic collection along with the jumbo flaps, medium flaps, etc.-it is different from the timeless CC collection which is where the GST, PST and medallion belongs to)
  12. but the pink has gold hardwear right, i need silver ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  13. i am loving that yellow!
  14. oh that bag is too cute, and yellow chanels are hard to come by, i love the chain
  15. thanks for the pix! is it ok to take pix or need to be hush hush? going to NM's trunk show tomorrow, can't wait to see all the goodies :yahoo: