Chanel Trunk Show in Santa Barbara

  1. For those girls who live near Los Angeles and cannot wait for Topanga Canyon Nordstrom's or the Beverly Hills Chanel Trunk show the Saks in Santa Barbara is having their trunk show February 5th! I believe its a week earlier than the Saks in BH! You can come look at beautiful Santa Barbara and look at new Chanel bags at the same time!!! I'm so excited maybe I"ll meet some of you there who live near SB! =] I want to see the PURPLE reissue and the dk NAVY reissue!!! Also this pretty new timeless classic flap, not the classic flap, but this other one!!! :yahoo:

    In case you can't see the picture it says Chanel Spring 2008 Accessory Collections
    Tuesday, February 5 (10-3)
    CHANEL Boutique in Santa Barbara
    For more information, please call 805-884-5257
    Chanel Trunk Show.jpg Chanel Trunk Show 2.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

    Here you go:love:
  3. oh yay thank you c!
  4. here is a picture of the bag i mentioned in the first post! =] this is from the "Eye Candies For S/s 08....lots Of Pics" thread and the picture taken from trendy1. i like the bigger one and I'm still deciding on pink or black, the pink is super cute, but I don't wear a lot of pink even though it is my favorite color =] and black i can match with everything and its super cute, but its just black.
  5. oops forgot the picture, here it is
  6. Ahhh...I wish I can go.
    Are these trunk show just for show?Or do they actually allow you to buy at the end?
  7. The trunk show is for previewing the next season's items only. If you see something you like at the show, you have to add your name to the waitlist and the SA will contact you when that item comes in.
  8. i wish i could go too!
  9. how come all the trunk shows are during the weekdays.....wish i could go
  10. Thanks for inviting all of us. A day trip to Santa Barbara sounds nice!
  11. this by invitation only???
  12. Do you know when the one in Topanga is?
  13. Yes - Topanga is Monday February 4th - 10:00am - 4:00pm.

    : )
  14. kimalee, anyone can go to the trunk show! =] and the best thing about santa barbara is the waiting list for many of the coveted bags are not 20 people long! there is still one purple metallic 226, i think, when i last spoke to Chris, my SA. If you go the trunk show and place your name on the list I'm pretty sure you can get it...

    I agree with the weekday thing! I have classes and work, but it's worth it to go for a little bit and try on the bags. I'll try to take pictures and post them for those that cannot go!

    NAME YOUR REQUESTS of the bag you want me to specifically check out and I"ll model it for you =]
  15. Ohh no!!! That's during my math midterm/ other classes in LA :sad:!!! I guess I'll need to go somewhere else. i wish it was on sunday!!

    but thanks for the answer