chanel trunk show etiquette

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  1. hi girls! Just some questions. I have been invited to my first chanel trunk show!!!!:love: I am looking for some pointers. Also i need to know if you attend and you do not buy a bag is it rude? I am strapped for cash and cannot afford to buy a bag. :tdown: I would also like to know if they have accessories at a trunk show. I would love to buy these earrings i have been eyeing. Do you think i should buy the earrings before hand to wear them to the show? Or should i buy them at the trunk show? Any info would be awesome, i am really excited to go and don't want to make a fool out of myself!!!:sweatdrop:
  2. I've been to one Chanel trunk show and no, you dont have feel bad not buying anything. Trunk show is just to show case what's upcoming. In fact, I think most of the products at the show are not avaliable yet for another month at least (?) I only worn jeans and T shirt the last time when I went and was treated just as nice. Have fun there :smile:
  3. a trunk show is about showing you what's coming up the next season. You can get on waitlists here. You can't really shop for teh goods there yet.
  4. I've been to a few at Neiman Marcus and they are very casual.
  5. They are definitely very casual. People just walk around and look at all of the new bags. If they like something, they put their name down on a waitlist.
  6. What everyone is saying is right, it's very informal and what they show for the upcoming season cannot be purchased right there at that moment.

    It's usually just bags on tables, and you browse. Nothing exciting, but fun to see.
  7. Girls thanks so much i really do appreciate all the advice. I am so excited to go. Does anyone know if every chanel boutique has a trunk show for every season? Do they close the boutique? Do you stay the whole time? Can you bring a guest? I am sorry for all the silly questions, this is sooo new to me.
  8. it's completely free to the public, it's during store hours, anyone can come and go as long as they wish.
    There's usually one at least 2x/year.
  9. Hi there. I am new and my sister attends shows all the time and I think every boutique does have a Trunk Show.
  10. Frequently, the bags won't even be in the color that the store/boutique has bought. The staff will tell you what colors will be available.