Chanel Trunk Show at NM SF

  1. I dropped by the Chanel Trunk Show at NM SF today but I didn't see anything spectacular. Did anyone else go?
  2. Oh darn!! That's what I forgot to go do.I did however go to the Bloomie's private preview day!!
  3. ^^^ Oh man! You went to the preview day today Jenny? I was suppose to go but woke up so late! How was it?
  4. Yess, please tell us how it was. I saw it on the news last night. Any great Chanel finds?
  5. Please let us know what you saw.

    xochrissie, what did you see? Did you see any of the new re-issues that japs wrote about? How about the smaller cabas?
  6. I was there right at 10 in the morning (b/c I had an interview with the merchadising director) and got the see them arrange everything. :P

    There were some re-issues but I'm not sure if they are the ones japs wrote about. They had a re-issues in metallic gold and metallic silver. Also a few patent leather ones. There was this really cute patent leather clutch with a huge diamond shaped closure. They had a blue cabas and a bronze cabas. There were a bunch of other stuff too but I can't remember right now. :s
  7. do you like the new cabas??
  8. I dropped by Neiman's to check out the trunk show today and I loved the newer Cabas. The Bronze with Bronze HW was so cute, but I pre-ordered the Black.
  9. Hi xochrissie..
    Previous range of satin/patent/calf skin..
    The range u have just seen...especially the bronze ones...are they in deerskin/calfskin ?? Pls let me know.Thks in advance.;)
  10. Hi Pelinaka..
    What's the retail price for the new cabas? Can u briefly describe to me?
    Do NM do shipping to overseas?? What's the difference between the Bronze & Bronze HW? I luv leather..are yrs in leather??
  11. Hi dleesy! The Bronze Cabas looked like deerskin to me, but I'm not entirely sure. And the Bronze HW means it has bronze hardware. As opposed to the Blue & Black ones. Those have silver hardware. The bag retails for $1795. I am not sure if they ship overseas. You may want to try giving them a call. Good luck! :flowers:
  12. I do! I think it's really cute.

    A friend of mine who works there was ordering a black one for someone when I was there. I wonder if she was ordering for you? :idea:

    I don't remember exactly but I do think it's a deerskin as Pelinaka said. And yes, the bronze one has bronze hardware as opposed to silver in the other colors. And I overheard one of the SAs saying she was shipping a bag to the Philippines so I'm not sure how that works. I'm actually starting in handbags at Neiman next week so I will give you all the details then! :yes: ;)
  13. Hmm, too funny xochrissie! My pre-order for the Cabas was taken by Kumi.

    I will have to come by Neiman's sometime and say hello to you! :smile: :heart:
  14. Kumi, is that the lady in Gucci or the other Japanese lady with the accent? Or neither? :confused1:

    Definitely come by! I start the Monday after next. :yahoo:
  15. Thanks Xochrissie & Pelinaka for yr prompt girls are simply great..Thks again.Hope to hear from u soon.