chanel trianon bag

  1. i just purchased the trianon bag in black....does anyone have this bag?? just wondering how it wears...i love that it's slouchy and light! i had the chanel 3, but sold it because i wasn't a fan of the structured bottom...i'll post pics as soon as i get home from dinner:smile:
  2. Ooo, I am intrigued, looking forward to a pic!! :wave:
  3. Here is a modeling pic from the store

  4. image-1768074524.jpg
  5. This does look like a great slouchy lightweight bag for carrying everywhere! It looks great on you!
  6. OMG, that is the bag I have been obsessed with since seeing it in a Chanel boutique in December. I have been kicking myself for not buying it at the time since the closest boutique is 4+ hrs away!!! I am so glad I now know the name! Thank you, thank you!! I LOVE it!! :yahoo:
  7. So in love with thus bag. Is it the larger or smaller size?
  8. Thanks! I love this bag. It's really lightweight and smooshy! I live unstructured bags, so this one is perfect for me! This is the smaller size.
  9. Nice. It still looks very ample!
  10. Beautiful bag! Can this b worn cross-body as well?
  11. What a great bag! Congratulations!
  12. So cute!!! do you know the price by any chance?
  13. congrats on your bag. It's gorgeous!
  14. It's 2900 or 3800 for larger size
  15. OMG! Your bag is gorgeous. The structure, hardware, and color is stunning.