Chanel Transparent & Futurustic *pics*

  1. From the WSJ - I will post article in The Wardrobe but thought you all might like to see the Chanel stuff.

    Playing Fashion's New Angles
    A-line mini dresses.
    Lucite shoes.
    This spring, designers are pushing futuristic clothes that echo the '60s.
    But fearful the bold styles could flop, some retailers are watering them down.
    How to look just mod enough.
    January 27, 2007; Page P1​

    Mod-style bold prints as seen in this $1,290 Pucci dress are big this season. Another key trend: futuristic seethrough handbags made of plastic, like this $895 one by Chanel. High-end labels such as Louis Vuitton and Fendi have trotted out platform shoes with striking, architectural heels. This $795 futuristic Chanel wedge comes with a seethrough cutout on its heel.
    [​IMG]Chanel Dress $2010
  2. Not feeling any of it.
  3. Too '60s and not enough 'Chanel' for me.
  4. wooo i like it
  5. I've read on italian Vanity Fair that the transparent bag are made for airplaine travels because of the new restrictions of what you can carry in your bag (esp. to UK)
  6. love the transparent bag ("Naked bag") especially good for working in retail, with most of the stores' rules regarding having to carry see-through bags...and this style i would wear for evenings also
    for me, the chain and CC clasp make it Chanel-ey!! :yes: thanks for sharing this
  7. I am wait listed for the Naked tote in gold @ the boutique in Vegas I only carry Chanel accessories in my handbag so I think I will really enjoy the Naked bag.
  8. Not my style...
  9. I think it's cute, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it.
  10. $895 for a bag made of plastic which is the same material on my free-with-purchase clinique bag??? I don't buy it at all.
  11. I abhor those clear plastic bags... another PFer said they reminded her of sales assistants who were required to carry clear bags!
  12. I know it's Chanel, but I don't think the clear plastic would hold up for very long. I imagine it getting scuffed, scratched, and quite possibly even torn. It's a cute look, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with people being able to see inside my bag.
  13. But then again... maybe it would be easier for me to find my cell phone...
  14. it's a very cute Naked bag, but for this price, i would rather get a leather wallet from CHanel
  15. The naked bag is growing on me, but I don't think the price makes it a worthwhile purchase.