CHANEL TPF members in the Philippines?

  1. Helllooo! It's good to know that I have kababayans here in tpf! I am kinda new here in tpf, though. Hope to get to know all of you! =)

  2. ^^Yeah.. I MISS Makati also!!! Favorite Shopping Area! :love:

    I went back to visit Mla last year - after 10yrs! Oh boy!!! It sure looks different now back home.
  3. Hi shockboogie. Yes, 4 years ago exactly this month!

  4. I celebrated my 4 years last Dec 25!:smile: Ey... we might know each other... somehow... Haha!
  5. My last trip back home was about 2 years ago. I plan to go home sometime this year though. My parents are there right now for the winter but will be back here by next month. I got so inggit that I wasn't able to travel with them:sad:
  6. FYI, there's already a Greenbelt 5 which will house a balenciaga store. There were news of Chanel opening too, but no such luck! :sad:
  7. hei, there! :smile:
  8. I'm here! :yes: have been avoiding TPF, don't want to be tempted...
  9. MAGs is also a pinay, she'll be coming home this 22nd :smile:.. ATE g heheh lolz!!
  10. Just wanted to say "hi!" I'm filipina, but located in cold, snowy Chicago!!
  11. Count me in !!;)
  12. present...
  13. Hi everyone! TPF is evil. So many enablers out here!
  14. hey ladies, another pinay here!:biggrin: currently living in texas.. haayy!! miss ko na pinas! i visited may last year, but i want to go back already. :yes:
  15. wow! if you do phone order from the province, no vat tax and free shipping?:p just like ordering in BalNY within US.

    Hi! im a lurker in chanel forum...still hunting for my 1st chanel. located in legaspi village, makati.

    Welcome in TPF...the best enabler of all!:p