CHANEL TPF members in the Philippines?

  1. Hello there! to all my fellow "kababayans!" wanted to know how much of us are here in TPF... show yourself! You may want to pose with your Chanel bags! will post mine as soon as i get it!
  2. :biggrin: hey there! welcome to tpf :smile:
  3. hey hey hey!!! mabuhay!!! :heart:
  4. hello to you all! hehehehe! Where you guys located here in Manila?
  5. PRESENT! :p
  6. i'm here!! :angel:
  7. Hello Ladies!!! Glad to know I'm not alone here! LOL

    *edit* actually, I'm not, currently, in the Philippines.. I'm from Pnas then migrated to the US. :smile:
  8. Im originally from Manila but moved to the US about 4 years ago. I do howvere go back and forth though. Kamusta!!!!:yahoo:p
  9. hey ate G :smile:
  10. Hi there everyone:yahoo:
  11. hey T! don't call me ATE na, they might think i'm old already!:p
  12. I grew up in the Philippines but moved to Illinois 4 years ago. I've been back only three times since I moved. I miss home!!! I miss Makati especially....
  13. I'm from Cavite. I'm now residing here in the Cayman Islands (Caribbean). Mabuhay!
  14. hi there my parents are from cavite too! but ive been in norcal for 6yrs now... nice to know there are so many of us here!

    i usually lurk in the balenciaga forum but check on the chanel forum once in a while :graucho:

  15. Whoa! 4 years ago? Same time I moved to MI!

    Yes.. Makati.... haaay:sad:.... I miss greenbelt....