Chanel tpf......... Bad Influence or Good?

  1. I think Chanel tpf has been very good for me.

    I have educated myself about Chanel through tpf, so I have made wiser choices since the start of my addiction.

    I don't feel enabled here at all and if I can't afford/or find a bag, at least I can admire them from afar.

  2. Hehehe it's been both bad and good for me. Bad cos most of my wishlist comes from the pics these lovely ladies post here! And their pics fuel my addiction hehehe. Nevertheless keep those gorgeous pics coming!!

    Good cos I feel like everyone here is so nice and helpful, and it just feels so comfortable to "talk" to ladies who have and understand the addiction to Chanel :p Oh and of course, I've also learnt so much more about the various bags and this helps when I decide which bag to buy too!
  3. i think it has been good for me, I waited a while to chose the bag I really wanted by seeing everyones pics here and detailed reports. It is nice to see everyones purchases, yes it makes me want more but so does going to the mall, but now I know more than most SA's and I agree if I cant afford a bag I can at least enjoy other peoples purchases and drool at pics.
  4. I feel like I can make an educated decision due to tPF-when I buy a bag I can't afford at least I a bag I really love!
  5. I have to agree with shiny_hair. I love the ladies of TPF & I bought my very first Chanel purse because of it. :heart:

    Of course it helped that the purse was 50% off. :graucho:
  6. <---- TPF Addict .... Need I say more?
  7. both! I felt caught up my first 6 months here, reading the purchases it seemed like everyone was making. . . started making me feel like it was "normal". I quickly realized normal for me is different than normal for others and I quickly came back down to Earth!

    I learn SO much here, but am not easily swayed to spend $ like I initially was.
  8. Hmmm.... I guess I am still in the 'honeymoon' stage at tpf, I founD the forum like in May I think, bought 2 Chanels in June, and I have 3 on my wishlist now, not sure if I'll be buying all that....Í admit it's definately part of the retail therapy :smile:... work has been very stressful since early this yr, and tpf has been good for me .... just have to keep reminding myself to buy wisely... to share with all the gorgeous ladies here ;)
  9. good for knowledge
    bad for money
    hahaha :p
  10. I make wiser decisions by visiting here and know that I'm not made of $. That's why I do plenty of research on a bag I'm going to purchase since I know I will be using it for a long time.

    When I first started here, it was fun to see everyone's bags and live vicariously through them.

    So I say good b/c if it wasn't for tPF, I'd probably be out more $ by making frivolous decisions.
  11. tPF has been:

    Bad for my wallet
    Good for my mood :p

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  12. Ditto steph......

    I also find that I am just as much addicted to this site as I am to Chanel.
  13. I think for me its hard to not want to buy more bags than I need to when I see other peoples!

    On th eother hand I have learned a lot about authenticity and I have become more picky about the bag that works for me
  14. Ditto!!! but I wouldn't buy if I couldn't afford and I use every bag I buy! and if not I sell on eBay or donate to a charity event called the Old Bags luncheon that auctions off bags for a family shelter here in Phoenix. So my bag addiction sometimes gets me a tax deduction to boot! My DH does appreciate that. so i save receipts on every bag I buy for the tax man!
  15. Good, I feel like I've learned about all the different lines, etc and prices as well. I have found bags right before price increases which would not have happend without tpf.