chanel towel bag with matching towel.

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  1. has somebody see this bag???
    its on chanel website right now.
    i saw it last month in holtrenfre for $500 and i thought it was a great deal.
    but i didnt buy it because i bought something else,so i went today to try to get it and it was there but the price was about $900 now.
    so i thought it was an abuse.
    so does somebody know the real price of this bag???
  2. I have to go check it out...a $500.00 towel that changes into a $900.00 towel, even with a travel bag...:wtf:
  3. It's cute, but $900 is way too expensive IMO.
  4. 900$
    In 3 colors Black, Grey or White !
    It's not so expensive for a towel and a matching pouch......:rolleyes:
  5. mmmmm well i dont have a problem paying $900 for the bag but why to pay them when i saw on $500 before....
  6. If people want to pay that kind of money for a cotton towel and cotton bag.....hey, more power to them.

    I just prefer to buy mine at the department store and save my money to buy a leather item :biggrin:
  7. Good Point!!! :P
  8. nayone have a pic of said pouch and towel
  9. I love it but i can't pay 900 dollars for a towel. 300 dollars-sure, but 900-no, for me, anyways.