Chanel Totes

  1. How many style totes does chanel make? I am looking for the one with the chain and leather handles that is kinda boxy. Any recommendations for tote styles that you like?
  2. I have the one that you're talking about...I LOVE IT! I tried on a bunch of different tote styles before buying it though. I wish I could tell you how many styles they have but I simply don't know...the ones I tried on were - small classic tote (it turned out to be too small for me), Cambon tote (too big), and the Medallion tote (not really a tote but some people can wear it over the shoulder...I couldn't, so I let that one go). Also, there's a Cerf tote, which I didn't see at the store when I was buying my bag as well as a small Cambon tote. Just go into any store that sells Chanel and try different bags on (unless you don't have one near you...then I would call Chanel and describe what you're looking for in a tote and they should help you find the right one). I just loved mine so much...big enough to fit everything I usually carry with me and BEAUTIFUL!!!!! It is, however, sort of difficult to find. I called a bunch of stores before finding the one I have now. And the SA at one store said that as soon as they get it, it sells out.

    Good luck!
  3. there's probably too many to name, espaecially since thier lines change so often.
    Sounds like you may be talking about the caviar shopping tote or Grand Shopping tote.
  4. They also make a medallion tote in silver or gold hardware. If you want to see the difference, I have one in the silver hardware and Cristina has the gold hardware. I'll post pics of mine later or maybe you can just do a search...
  5. Could you post pictures of your tote? And which store did you get yours from?
  6. I took it back, I don't know the dimensions now, it's roomy but not completely massive.
    It's called the Grand Shopping Tote in caviar, some of my pics probably include the style #. I bought it at Neiman's for $1650 I think. It comes in one size smaller as well for closer to $1100.
  7. I'm about 5'2ish, there's a photo of me wearing it on page 5 I think.
  8. I don't carry around a lot of stuff so I got the small tote. It's perfect for me. Here's a couple of pics. (The black shoulder bag I returned.)

  9. I LOOOVE That bag Kat!!