Chanel Tote?

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  1. Can you please help me suggest any Chanel totes? Medium to large size. I am considering getting the GST, but besides the GST, what other medium to large bags (non-flap) are there that are your favorites? TIA!
  2. i like the GST, cerf and biarritz
  3. I really like the Cerf.
  4. ^^ ditto.. the Cerf/Executive tote. Somewhat low-key, classy, and has lots of compartments!
  5. Gst
  6. Besides the GST, I'd recommend Modern Chain tote, Cloudy Bundle N-S tote, Vintage Ligne N-S tote, and of course the Cerf tote.
  7. What are you looking for out of the tote? Is it for work/school/play? What's your style- young and funky/mature and classic, etc?

    I think the GST is definitely a timeless addition to anyone's wardrobe, but it is a tad bulky and heavy, especially when full. Have you tried on on before?

    The cerf is gorgeous, timeless and lighter, but I'm not a huge fan of the handle situation. I wish the attached handles were a tad longer.

    The cabas is a great bag in terms of weight, size and functionality, but I guess it isn't as timeless as the other two. I'm in my 20's and feel it's very age appropriate though.

    I adore the cb tote and vintage ligne tote, as they are very very lightweight and stand out in a crowd. I have both of them and wear them and my cabas constantly, way more than the timeless classics, but they are harder to find as the cb and vintage totes aren't available in store anymore and I believe the cabas is sold out (you might be able to catch some in-stock though).
  8. Gst
  9. Gst!
  10. GST, Cerf, or Medallion tote
  11. Large DS, Rodeo Tote:tup:
  12. May I ask what the cb tote and vintage ligne tote look like? I went to the Chanel boutique and tried on the GST and Cerf and really like both, but I think I like the Cerf more because of the one large interior compartment (vs 3 compartments in the GST). I like the GST straps better because they have a longer drop - I agree I wish the Cerf handles were a bit longer. If I were to get the Cerf, would you recommend the GOLD or SILVER Hardware? Thanks!
  13. I really love my Baby Cabas. I took it on vacation with me and felt comfortable using it on the plane (and putting it on the floor of the plane) because I knew it could handle the abuse.

    It wears very comfy on the shoulders and against the body. It's easy to put things in and get things out and it looks very nice and goes with everything!
  14. I do too but it's nowhere to be found! I was told it's sold out at Saks and I want to buy it from a store. Any suggestions? TIA!
  15. I like my tote (in avatar)! LAX large - also comes in black, white or red. The new E/W line has a gorgeous square tote as well. I think these are more modern looking. If you want classic, then you want the GST.