Chanel Tote.. vintage

  1. Forgot that I wanted to post this :smile: It's kinda hanging on my wall now :smile:
    junemayhem - 002.jpg junemayhem - 003.jpg junemayhem - 001.jpg
  2. What material is that bag made out of? I like your bathroom. :p
  3. congrats! ^^haha! I was just about to post something about the bathroom tile too! It's fantastic!
  4. hahah it's just standard bathroom tiles =p usual bathroom background for mirror pictures :biggrin:

    hmm I think it's nylon? feels like nylon to me.. not very good at the fabric thing :p
  5. Oooh thats so cute. It looks like such a great versatile bag.
  6. very cute bag and nice bathroom tile.
  7. love the bathroom AND the bag!
  8. OMG its so cute!
  9. cute!