chanel tote or lv suhali lock it?

  1. which one would you rather have? The Chanel gst or the new expandable tote, or LV suhali lock it gm?
  2. thats a very tough choice.. maybe u should put this thread at chanel and lv section, and try to do poll.. i also want to see pfers opinion, they all great bags.. :graucho:
  3. pics please?
    I know what the Chanel's look like but not the LV. . . and I know a lot of people here don't visit either Forum.
  4. Oh swanky I know you know what Chanels look like , lol I have been wanting a Chanel tote for about 2 years now, I keep buying all these other bags, but i saw this in the LV boutique and the leather is amazing , I love both. I want both but can onbly afford one. Chanel tote can be used on shoulders easy, the LV can too but looks better hand held.
  5. what are your needs? Casual or something that moves from casual to a little dressier?
    Try and snatch a pic of the Expandable, it's a really cool ligne.
    Here's a pic of a GST for the peeps:
  6. Oh wow Swanky you look so young!!!! and pretty!!!:tup: I want it for everything, to hold my daily life and look great out, just a fantastic bag that holds work needs and night time too. I know I will probally get the Chanel, my bf just said I'm insane cause I want the Chanel bag so much and keep putting it off and if I dont get the Chanel bag I will never be satisfied and keep spending money, he is right! But that LV is an amazing classic bag too though. Love it, but after i get my fantastic Chanel tote, I mean no one does a great tote like Chanel right. Ok im nutts
  7. Well I typically buy much more LV than Chanel, but I have a deep love for both! LOL! Seriously though, I love my Chanel tote, it is the smaller version of the one Swanky has (Sorry I do not know the name). I find it to be so classic and elegant, the LV is also but something is telling me Chanel on this one. I am not sure if I am helping or not, but I think to meet your need as described above the Chanel might make the transition best.
  8. I prefer the Chanel.
  9. I like the suhali better..classier. Just my opinion though:smile:
  10. Oh.. This is a very tough decision indeed. Although I am a Chanel Girl.. I would ask this first... Are you going to use this as your everyday bag? Work bag?

    If you're going to use this as an everyday bag, I'd say choose the Chanel. It's great for an everyday bag.

    But if you're choosing something that would stand out from the crowd, then I'd say go for the Suhali. It's very beautiful, I don't like the LV monograms that much. So Suhali is my best pick too when it comes to LVs (except for the Miroirs!! I soo wanted the gold and silver speedies and pochettes!!!)

    Anyway, if you can afford to get them both, I'd say, GET THEM BOTH!!!
  11. Goodluck!!!
  12. I love the white expandable tote :heart:

  13. I think the new expandable Chanel tote is beautiful!

    I am somewhat considering the GST, but Im not sure that I like the huge CC on the bag. That kind of detracts from it for me.

    My vote goes to the expandable.

    I really love the Suhali line though. I have to admit, I think that I am biased as I am currently in the market for a Chanel tote and the expandable looks somewhat like the one I want.
  14. The LV Suhali for me - I think it is beautiful. The Chanel is lovely, but the LV is in another league to me!
  15. i prefer the chanel gst!!!