chanel tote on ebay

  1. hi all i am new and want to say hi to all.. :flowers:

    I want to buy chanel tote, preferably cambon one. As I am not rich, I cant buy retail and ebay is my option. Plus I am new and I cant go into the plaza. Would you be able to recommend a good tote?

    I have gone thru ebay and there are so many available at cheap price too, I assume all the cheap bins are all fakes, just amazed why ebay doesnt remove them? :shrugs:

    for those who have access to the plaza is there many bags and good deals? I might hold off till i get access if my ebay hunt is not successfull.

  2. if anyone could share sellers on ebay that sells authentic chanel.. pls share..
  3. First rule of the MarketPlaza is we can't talk about the MP! LOL!
    We don't discuss any items in there outside of that private Forum to be honest.

    Yes, if there's a really low price on eBay for a tote in good condition, it's not legit.
    You're welcome to post any questionable auctions in the Authenticate This! sticky at the top of this Forum, we can help!
  4. Refer to the Sticky at the top about eBay finds, those Sellers can be trusted.
  5. ohh thank u... i will go look at the authentic seller sticky. thats helpful.
    sorry about mp.. I am very curious of its private ;)
  6. could someone recommend a favourite chanel tote?
  7. have you used the search tool? You can just put 'tote' in and scroll to the bottom and chose the Chanel Forum, it'll pull up threads w/ differnet totes in them, there's SOOO many totes.

    Depending on your need and size:
    Cmabon totes - different sizes
    Caviar Medallion Tote Caviar Grand Shopping Tote
    Caviar Petit Shopping Tote, etc. . . . .