Chanel Tote - help

  1. Just wondering:

    I do not have any chanel bags but considering buying one. Does Chanel have a classic tote - a staple bag for every season?

  2. Oh not sure if this is Chanel but looking for something like this:

  3. Three Chanel classic totes come to mind: Cerf, Shopping, and Medallion. The Chanel forum has numerous pics of these bags so you can do a search with the name to see them.
  4. ^I agree.
    We all have different opinions on what's "Classic" there's teh few she named plus more and even more still coming in teh Fall.
    Look through our photo thread that's stickied at the top of the Forum.
  5. thanks Golden - I will look up those bags.

    swankymamaofthree, I guess when i meant classic I was referring to a classic bag that is that is available every year regardless of a new fashion line. I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a louis vuiton speedy, bucket or babylon.

    Does chanel have staple bags at all?

    Thank to both of you for your responses.
  6. The classic flap is a staple. As well as the totes that were mentioned above.
  7. Yes.. the Cerf & Medallion I listed are the 'classic' ones I've seen come out consistently each year/season. They call the CERF tote Chanel's version of the 'Birkin' (been around for several years). I love the Cerf so much that I've gotten one in Black and one in a Mocha Brown. I also got a beige Medallion several years ago and that style is still going strong. The Shopping I just began to notice late last year and got a grande shopping in black. They are out again this fall in different colors. They might put a slightly different twist on them each season (color, hw, etc..) but the basic 'style' of them stays the same. Good luck.
  8. Thanks again. Doing as much research as possible. Hope to buy a chanel soon:wlae: :wlae: