Chanel Tote Grand Model

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a loyal customer of Gucci and LV, but last week I bought my first Chanel shoes :heart:. I'm now totally in love with Chanel and about to buy my first Chanel bag :yahoo: . I love the white Tote Grand Model of Chanel (goes perfectly with my new shoes :tender: ). I'm not really familiar with the prices though, does anyone know how much I have to pay for the tote? (see picture)
    Tote grand model white.jpg

    And do prices differ per country? Is it cheaper in Paris? I live in Europe and can easily go to Paris.

  2. If it helps, that's actually called a Large Cambon Tote, that color is very hard to find and I *think* is around $1700.
  3. Thanks! I saw this bag at Chanel in Amsterdam, so here in Holland they still have stock :yes: .

    If anyone knows something about my last question, please tell!
  4. I have the black/black patent CC's and paid $1495 last year. Didn't come with a pouch that I see in your picture.

    Good luck!
  5. ^yeah, I'm pretty sure that's a fake but wasn't sure if it mattered since she's not buying that one{?}
    But be ware, that one IS fake!