Chanel tote (believe its the 8 knots?) on sale at Neimans

  1. Excuse me for not knowing the exact name. The bag is on hold at Neimans. Gray color. Priced from $2700ish down to around $1200 - Unfortunately can't find a pic anywhere (forum search continues disabled).
    Best described like this:
    Lambskin tote (super soft) with quilted handles.
    One pocket at the front w/ the 2.55 closure
    Pocket is quilted, so are the handles. Rest of the tote is plain leather.
    Dark gray hardware.

    I found a pic on eBay, if you want to get an idea what it looks like, i guess pm me.
  2. yes, that sounds like the 8 knot. Last I heard, it was on sale for $900 at NM in Tampa but was sold out already.
  3. which NM?
  4. why was this moved? :confused1:
  5. dunno... seems to me like it should be in steals and deals..

  6. I'm confused also!:confused1::confused1:
  7. Probably because it pertains to shopping for Chanel, hence moved to the Chanel shopping forum.:yes:

    And :yes:, that's the 8 knots tote. The grey is so pretty!
  8. thanks mmmpurses. i just got it! i can't wait til gets here.
  9. Yeahhhh I am so happy for you!!! I saw it in person I know it is absolutely beautiful !!! :tup:
  10. How much is the sale price? Is it $1200 or $900? TIA
  11. It was $1200.
  12. Why can I never find a Chanel handbag on sale :crybaby:???!!! Lucky girl "rgirl" Wear in good health.
  13. This bag was on sale at NM Tampa last week for around $900. I made the post about it last week...........
  14. Great deals everywhere! I swear I am never in my Chanel boutique when there one I want on sale. (Maybe this means I should go more frequently..yes! That is it!!!)
  15. You'll find one eventually! For some reason, I just stumble upon sales! Don't know if that's a "good" thing! ha ha