Chanel. . .too dressy for every day?

  1. Hi all. What is your opinion:

    Is Chanel too dressy for an every day bag? Does it depend on what you're wearing? Is the Chanel and sweats combo going too far?

    I think that Chanel chain bags are ok for every day when you're wearing jeans and a top (and all clothing dressier than that ie work clothes, events). However when sweats (sweatshirt, sweatpants) come into play. . .maybe the cambon bags. But chains are definately too much.

    What's your take?
  2. It depends on which line we're talking about. In general though, I think a majority of the Chanel bags make great everyday bags.

    I also don't mind the sweats + classic flap look
  3. well you must always strike a balance. a good everyday bag wouldn't be something like a cabas or patent collection. There are some great canvas totes, beach bags and the sport collection which are good everyday bags.

    I would think the quilted sling is a bit OTT or if you were to run around with a dinner bag. Ligne is pretty good for everyday use - some of the larger ones are a bit OTT but then again i used to use my large flap shopper for uni because it was just the right size for all my books! :nuts:
  4. I like the idea of throwing on a more structured bag like a classic Chanel tote with a casual outfit (which is what I do). It's a great juxtaposition, I think. In the summer, you'd frequently see me with a short skirt, polo, flip-flops and a Chanel bag!
  5. You can absolutely wear your chanel everyday!:yes:I wouldn't personally carry an evening bag or a really formal one on a daily basis, but I alternate between my 2 Chanel's most days only occasionally carrying my Louis Vuitton.The last few seasons from Chanel have been VERY practical and more casual, there's a TON of bags suitable for daily wear.
  6. I agree you can wear most Chanel bags everyday, I do. It is a great way to dress up an outfit or make a statement! IMO, I think the totes, cabas and classic flaps are perfect everyday bags. I think the canvas/sport lines would be great for gym or beach only.
  7. Hmm, I wondering the same thing....:confused1:

    I'm hoping to purchase my 1st Chanel very soon....Leaning towards the black classic flap jumbo w/ silver HD. I'm wondering if this can be worn as my everyday bag and not be too dressy. I dress very casually. Like to be comfy. So I'm wondering if this bag would be too dressy for how I dress...hope that makes sense.:rolleyes:

    I wear jeans 99% of the time...w/ cute stretch T's: Guess T's, Apple bottom T's, a few cute blouses. Stuff like that w/ my birkenstocks. In the winter jeans (of course!!) w/ nice sweaters, hope to pick me up some sort of black and brown clogs.

    Another dilemma as far as dressy....The hardware....I usually "always" go w/ gold hardware. I only wear gold jewelry also. But the other day when I tried on the classic flap I liked the silver better. Was odd for me. I tried on both. The silver looked better on me for some reason. I just didn't care for the gold on that particular bag. I'm confused about this. Perhaps the silver is better for the way that I dress?? Or can gold go also??? When I looked at both without trying them on (just looks-wise) I thought the silver looked better...Geez. :rolleyes: Ugh.

    Thoughts? TIA!
  8. Sorry Guys, I am not rich and when I purchase a LV or chanel-its usually from a yearly bonus or just a splurge(once or twice)
    i just got a grey clutch and still debating-but I think it will be great for day and lunch with friends, or dinner with hubby. I get my money's worth-and use my bags!
    I 'm a jeans mostly gal, with a nice sweater and jacket most times and boots or flats and the clutch looks awesome!
    I think ANY classic bag dresses up a normal outfit-now as for sweats, i usually take along just a wallet.
  9. i always carry my luxe bowler w/ sweats =p i think it adds a sassy touch to regular sweats
  10. This thread got me thinking --> I'm really wanting a reissue 2.55 in the medium size, but maybe it'll be too dressy for jeans? I tend to dress very casually..what do you all think?
  11. Ever since I joined here I've been obessing over a Chanel bag. I really want to get one. I was thinking of getting a classic flap in black. I was thinking were would I wear my bag to and with what clothes?
  12. I don't really wear sweats but wear jeans almost all the time. I always carry my Chanels...I actually think that they look better with jeans than when I am dressed to the nines!
  13. whatever your heart desires!
    You can walk around in PJs and a Chanel if you want, as long as your happy thats all that matters!
  14. thats right... yorelica whatever your heart desires...
    some of my worst outfits have been jazzed up with a chanel bag...
    I carry a chanel bag everyday...
    they do have some bags that are a lil to dressy, but hey to each his/her own
    my medallion tote goes with everything and its pink !!!
  15. I think that it will look great with jeans too :yes: