Chanel to stop refinishing/refurbishing bags over 5 yrs old!?

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  1. +1
    I also felt they couldn't repair due to condition of bag.
  2. Hi everyone,

    So I just called chanel repair dept in nyc, 57th street location, they literally just walked in the door and picked up my call. There is a new rule. They will no longer redye, clean, refurbish, condition any bag greater than 5 yrs old. They will however repair hardware. The repair dept number in nyc is 212 355-5050. I think he said his name was Tray or stray or something to that affect. Ijust needed to get some answers as most of my bags are greater than 5yrs old.

    I think I am officially done with buying any new Chanel as I really am distraught over this news. I can use leather surgeons but I think it's more of the fact that they would pass this new rule when they used to have a lifetime guarantee on their bags wish helped me rationalize the price they charge. I feel like it's their way of getting us to buy new or deter people from buying used.
  3. Thanks for the update and the specifcs regarding what would be done and what would not.

    How do they determine the age of the bag... based on when it is produced, i.e. based on serial number, or based on date of purchase from Chanel?
  4. According to chanel 57th street repair dept, They will do hardware repair just not refurbish, redye, condition, etc.
  5. I'm guessing serial number, but can double check.

  6. Calflu- I'm sad to report that I confirmed with 57th street repair dept that they did pass a new rule on refurbishment, redye, conditioning, cleaning bags greater than 5 yrs old. I am devastated. They will however fix hardware. I left the number and person I spoke with today on my earlier post.
  7. Thanks for helping us check. I have bought new bags with serial number from 2011 or 2012 in 2014. The way they determine it makes a big difference. if they go by serial number, then I have to make sure that i will only buy oov bags with most current serial numbers, and only buy current season bags.
  8. Ok so I called back, he said it's through your receipt as we now have to have receipts as well for any repair. He also said they have alternative ways to tell...didn't provide those details to me. I think his name is Sheray.
  9. Thanks for the very useful update!
  10. ITA, and it provides a big income for them. I mean the cost to conditioning a bag is not much v. how much they charge. Silly Chanel. This, along with the horrendous quality of their essentially made-in-China quality bags of recent production is why I haven't purchased a bag from them new at the store for a few years.
  11. It was no problem, I wish I just called sooner.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to call and update us all :smile:
    I am with you, I have been done with new Chanels for a few years, but even vintage, done, because of this new philosophy of theirs. I think I may start selling some of my Chanel's, because frankly so annoyed at them right now. So annoyed. Coco would not be happy:P

  13. Thank you! Much more clarity!

    Looks like 57th has a good service team! My closest Chanel boutique doesn't have any repair specialists over the weekend!
  14. They are great as I have spoken to them so many times on proper storage tips, conditioning application to my bags, etc and they always take the time to answer my questions. I was surprise they were open ona sunday.
  15. Did he shed any light on why they are doing this? They must have had a ton of complaints which despite any profit made it a huge headache.