Chanel to stop refinishing/refurbishing bags over 5 yrs old!?

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  1. any news?? Very anxiously waiting for a confirmation, or hopefully not!
  2. If the Chanel is 5 years or older they will no longer repair. End of Story. So gals remember if u are considering a purchase if something goes bad in 5-years well...just hope it doesn't!:tdown:
  3. Is this a fact? What is your source?
  4. For me, Leather Surgeons is as good as taking it to Chanel. Gerry is a leather craftsman with 30 years experience. He's done wonders for my bags! I just sent him a Chanel bag received Monday. And it's in its way back home to me already (today is Friday). Sometimes it's two weeks. But always a great job regardless and they communicate well with you too. I'm ready to send them my Hermes.
  5. Before I embark on the task of searching, sorting and scanning receipts, I was wondering whether this is a rumor or has it actually been confirmed?
  6. Yes....

  7. Nope not confirmed
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    She was denied repair for a vintage bag.
    Her post indicated Chanel believes the repair would amount to more damage to the bag and it was from 1980s.

    While we've seen recent repair results shared on TPF for vintage repairs....I'm curious to know her source as well.

    Note another bag from 1980s was denied repair as well but that's more than 5 year old!

    So far from what I've read here.....nothing is really confirmed besides several members mentioned Chanel no longer repair vintage bags.
  9. I was told by my SA that the system was international...

    I am hoping this news isn't true, and if it is indeed true I really want to know when they are starting to do this! I wonder if I should get my vintage Chanel serviced now...?
  10. Just an update to my Chanel repair sent out to NJ. As stated the bag would not be repaired as it was explained being vintage...the repair could possibly make things worse due to the handbags age. While I can honestly say I was not to very upset, I had been looking forward to my purse being referbished. I rec'd my handbag today by FEDEX free of charge sig delivery. Inside my handbag came carefully packaged in tissue paper, dustcover with a wonderful card and Chanel flower. To make matters even more wonderful ( beings that Friday was my birthday) a extra something in the form of perfume! THANKYOU TO EACH AND EVERY GAL I SPOKE WITH AT CHANEL IN NEW JERSEY who assisted me in this endeavor. You customer service was beyond reproach! And an extra Thank you to LINDSAY H. for your wonderful assistance & kindness! Patricia (Anne).
  11. The CHANEL store in New Jersey and personal experience with my vintage repair. Their customer service was exceptional!
  12. From my conversation it was explained the powers which make these decisions felt there were sooooooo many repair complaints it was decided :okay:CHANEL handbags > 5 years old w/be halted. Frankly, after the explanation from the store manager I kind of understand their reasoning! Times change! But if one spends thousands for a handbag it should last years with good care! Perhaps they should offer service plans?:P
  13. Perhaps I will try there. I did send my vintage bag to RAGO BROTHERS before CHANEL in NJ. Their cost to fix two corners of piping, recondition etc. per their quote was over $600. REALLY! Not going to happen!
  14. I've heard bad things about Rago Bros. I'll probably stick with Leather Surgeons if Chanel really won't touch my vintage pieces.
  15. Since the Chanel New Jersey store told you that Chanel made the decision that handbags more than 5 years old will not be repaired, why did they still ask you to mail the bag to them for assessment in the first place? They could have asked you how old the bag is and then tell you that your bag is more than five years old and they don't accept bags more than five years old for repair.... didn't you tell them how old the bag is? That could have saved you all the trouble of mailing it in, etc.

    so... was your handbag rejected for repair because it is more than five years old?
    or was it because of its condition itself, i.e. beyond repair?

    It would be helpful if you posted pics of your bag that was deemed beyond repair by Chanel so that the rest of us here knows what bags in what kind of condition are beyond repair. What were the problems with the bag and what needs to be repaired?