Chanel to stop refinishing/refurbishing bags over 5 yrs old!?

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  1. Thank you so much! I will google it to get the link of the company and thanks for the owners name as well:smile:.
  2. If you do use Leather Surgeons directly, Chanel will not service the bag in the future. So if you do plan to ever sell it or need a part only Chanel has, you may be sol.
    This is why I pay for Chanel's bloated refurbishing charges. They refused service on a bag because LS had worked on it and it did not go through Chanel.
  3. This doesn't make any sense to me... Leather Surgeons is where the bags go when you bring them to a boutique, so how is that an outside source? And anyway, i send my bags to Leather Surgeons for a spa treatment, and then to Chanel to replace hardware all the time and ive never had a problem.
  4. When was the last time you did that? 57th st boutique will not accept any bags that have not gone through them. New rule? IDK Hey, I didn't make the rules, just explaining what was said to me and a few others. They also do not disclose that LS does the work and never will. They want ppl to think they do it and they make a profit on it. But I do still go through Chanel . I will not buy a bag that was not serviced though Chanel, I did and they would not work on it. Never again and I hope sellers disclose if they did not go through Chanel for repair work! They can refuse any service they want to. I just paid $600 to redye my grey jumbo. Did I want to pay that? No. But if I ever sell the bag or need a replacement I know there will be no issues.

    If there is a bag I will never ever sell or need any HW, I will go directly to LS in the future.
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    Very interesting, All my bags are new so never had to do any kind of repair but this is very informative. Thank you for posting!
  6. I didn't even know that you can take vintage Chanel bags too! I live in Perth, Australia and I brought a vintage Chanel camera tassel bag from the 90s. The hardware has fainted from gold to silver, it's authentic because I got it authenticated but I don't have any proof of purchase or authenticity card. Can I still take it in?
  7. E57th just hasn't been the same since Emilson left :sad: She was a super hero. That new man couldn't tell a handbag from a sandbag :lol:
  8. I'm wondering how Chanel would know if you had a spa treatment or other work done that is not by them? Some things would be obvious-but a cleaning/refresing-how would they know? A dye job-yes, but some other things would seem pretty generic.
  9. YW I had a few bags refurbished and 1 wallet. It is insanely pricey lol

  10. Hi Gail, well cleaning won't make a difference I guess. But how many ppl send out bags just to be cleaned? if it is caviar or lamb and the corners are worn, it will get painted. Plus we can all just clean our own bags and add leather conditioner etc .
    They can't prevent us from cleaning our own bags if they get something on them! LOL. But you never know. :lol:
  11. OMG I know. I miss Emilson, she was very honest about what could be done and if you should even do it. This was a long time ago. She was there for ever!
    The new guy , name begins with an S is not so friendly and rude .

    Regarding the OP I called my contact there and she said she would get back to me, so we will see . Like another poster said I could see the receipt , but not 5 years.
    After all a selling point of Chanel is that it is timeless , classic and can be passed down to your daughter and granddaughter and still stylish. Not throw away bags.
  12. Ugh... If this is true, big turn off. Customer service should be stellar, not difficult. Don't luxury brands care about their reputation amongst those who value and PAY for great customer service?! 😡
  13. +1

    same here. several of my bags have gone to LS and then the same bag has also gone to Chanel. there has never been a problem. there isn't a way for them to know who serviced your bag unless something went wrong and now you need them to correct it. for all they know you did your repairs in your home. i only go to LS now though, the rates are better and their workmanship is beyond excellent.
  14. Vintage 1980's Chanel Lambskin Chevron was sent to Chanel in NJ. After a time frame over a month I rec'd a voicemail today explaining repair w/not be completed. It was felt the repair (piping around two corners) would amount to more damage if repaired and handbag was well...just to old. There you have it gals! Chanel is in fact starting to deny repairs of older vintage handbags! I thought I could make it under the timeline but.......NOT! Frankly this bag cost me next to nothing so I don't care. But noting the customer service, and fact these handbags are totally "mumsy" looking anyway I would've waste my bucks. There are so many nicer handbag designers, no longer in the dark ages! Try a "LIEBESKIND"!
  15. Terrible if true.