Chanel to stop refinishing/refurbishing bags over 5 yrs old!?

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  1. May I say is time to sell and get new bags? Just a thought... .... I only see that the reason behind this is $, a new way to "encourage" people to get new bags
  2. Don't feed the troll
  3. Agree! Something smells fishy, especially if it's just words from a "friend of a friend" etc. This thread might be just "much ado about nothing". I will ignore it and would find out from Chanel themselves.
    Taking my leave...

  4. +1
    It seems that Chanel is just keeping up with the times. They already do not re gild the older bags like they originally claimed.
    In the USA the serial number is already on the receipt. Though NM receipts will fade out in a few months. But I already copy them for insurance purposes.
    I have been asked for a receipt for over a decade in order to get a free repair.
    Off subject but received similar notice from Mercedes. They will no longer tow any Mercedes for repairs for the life of the car but just while under factory warranty. Sign of the times. :rtr:
  5. +1 I can't part with my bags for that amount of time:hbeat:
  6. I think their system is national wide, as i told the SA in HK my friend bought it in Europe for me, and she offered to check on her system
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  8. If their system is on a national basis, how is it possible for an SA in HK to check on her system regarding a bag bought in Europe? Unless the bag is bought in the UK and Chanel still thinks that HK belongs to the UK. lol
  9. Six years ago, I brought a vintage bag to a boutique asking if they can do the refurbishment for me and they said they don't offer this kind of service. They didn't even suggest me where I can take my bag to. And when I said I know the service is available in US and EU, they said I can take my bag there, but they do not offer such services here.

    It's been a long practice here in Asia, or at least Thailand. And why I remember the time so well? I was pregnant with DD so I remember that. And I bought a very good number of bags from them. I don't think they'd lie to me.
  10. Honestly it doesn't even matter if this is true or not. I just go to Leather Surgeons directly. Thats who Chanel uses anyway.

  11. IDREAMofMIMI, could you please tell me a little more about leather surgeons? Is that the nane for me to google it? Have you ever used them for any of your CHANEL bags? Anything you could tell me I will appreciate it Ty
  12. I’ve been buying and selling Chanel and Hermes for a long time and Gerry (the owner) is the ONLY person i trust. Until about a year ago I was stuck going through the boutiques which was a nightmare. Hermes would take months and months which was a mess for my buisness. Leather Surgeons was a life saver. I get most of my repairs back within two weeks. I'm sure if you google Leather Surgeons their website and stuff will come up. I know they have an instagram also.
  13. I can second this, the owner is amazing, he answers my questions promptly and does great work!

  14. Hi Gail13, can you please share the repair services you use? I am also in SoCal. Thanks!!

  15. I haven't used the service yet either and my bags are not in need or old enough yet thank god but would you please (if you don't mind) share your repair services and name of the gentleman you are referring to? Thank you so much in advance for the info!