Chanel to stop refinishing/refurbishing bags over 5 yrs old!?

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  1. Hi! Do you know if Chanel has an international system? Or only one system in each country?
  2. I'm more inclined to believe they will start asking for receipts when sending in an item for repair.. the 5 year thing however doesn't really make sense. :/
  3. I need to confirm with my SA if this is true. It will suck if they stop provide repair service.
  4. So they don't want me to sell my bag, AND they won't restore it so i can keep using it?? Is this just to try and force us to buy brand new bags? This all makes me very uncomfortable.
  5. I find this so hard to believe - no card OK, but no receipt? It's a little piece of paper that doesn't even prove it belongs to a certain item! Or will they start printing out serial numbers and send out e-mail receipts? Indeed that would mean Chanel would not only try to discourage buying preloved or through personal sellers, but also make it highly unattractive to buy at all as all bags then would get written off after 5 years.
    Mind you, it would open up the market for independent Chanel service spas, as I don't see the second hand market slowing down soon.

  6. Lol, so agree!!!
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    +1 well said

    I find it pretty hard to believe

    Chanel isn't only sold in boutiques but also in department stores

    So now Chanel is in the business of validating both department store receipts and all the international receipts before the repair besides authenticating the bags?

    I'm sorry but I need more evidence to believe this! I'm seeing more rumors started by SAs than truth
  8. I just sent my vintage Channel lamb skin quilted chevron camera bag to a CHANEL store on the east coast on 9/11. On my last contact which was yesterday it passed initial assessment and is now being reviewed by a certified CHANEL repair facility. I am waiting to hear on a cost! Perhaps I got mine there in time. Will continue to update
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    Maybe proof of purchase doesn't mean necessarily a receipt and they can just look you up in their computers? but then again, matthewlikesLV said they were already doing this in Australia??
  10. What about screw replacements? I hope they will still do that for my GST and PTT.
  11. I was going to write the above, and I don't have the time or energy to be scanning receipts.:cry: I could do that after retirement, but I may not be buying many Chanel bags by that time. :wondering

  12. Nope Chanel and department stores are completely different systems in U.S. And no international record sharing either from what I know! That's why it's hard for me to believe at this point

  13. You crack me!!!! Very true! Lots of my receipts from 2 years ago faded already
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    Nope you are out of luck lady, you might as well put a patch to that hole yourself and wear it with pride lol 😈😈😈. I guess our old bags won't have much value now 😱 ha ha, just kidding. I will be going to the Botique this weekend I'll ask my SA about this.
  15. I have never had occasion to use Chanel repair/refinishing anyway, as I didn't want to part with my bags for that long. We are lucky enough here to have a few expert repair services locally-one that is used by all the dept stores for repairs and the other a small expert leather repair and handbag design gentleman that performs miracles. They are quick, professional and so far have not charged me anywhere near the Chanel refurb prices. I can see where with vintage bags, you may be in search of replacing hardware etc, but does Chanel even do that anymore?

    I'm happy to share the contacts if anyone need. They are based in LA.